22.04.2016. Norimport Trading and Milan Barackov was on EXPORT CONFERENCE 2016 in Oslo

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At the annual conference of the Norwegian exports in cooperations with Eksport Kreditt Norway and GIEK, where was invited Mr Milan Baračkov from Norimport Trading AS, also was2016-04-12 11.35.502016-04-12 14.58.06 attended:

Monica Mæland, Ministry of Trade and Industry
Alastair Newton, Director, Alavan Business Advisory
Helge Møgster, DOF/Austevoll Seafood
Knut Sunde, Director, Federation of Norwegian Industries
Elisabeth Holvik, Chief Economist, SpareBank 1 Gruppen
Even Aas, Group Executive Vice President Public Affairs, Kongsberggruppen
Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO, Element Logic
Petter Kvaal Djupvik, COO, Nevion
Kari Due-Andresen, Chief Economist, Handelsbanken
Jarle Roth, CEO, Export Credit Norway, Wenche Nistad, CEO, GIEK, Erica Blakstad, CEO, GIEK Kredittforsikring

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