Trade offers from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trade offers from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina


10 ... IT
11 ... Metal products
12 ... Consulting
13 ... Textile
14 ... Food
15 ... Service production
16 ... Tourism
17 ... Energy
18 ... Other
19 ... Work force

10 101

IT – Serbian company with software solutions improve HSE performance, improving the level of technical – technological knowledge and the development of digital marketing.

3D visualization and technical animations, we contribute to faster and more efficient adoption and understanding of new technologies and principles, new products, processes and equipment, and marketing team, we offer a powerful tool in winning new markets and improving image of the company.

3D interactive virtual training, we enable customers to gain valuable experience from the virtual world, based on the programmed, realistic and possible scenarios from the real environment. Such experiences can significantly improve the efficiency of learning about new processes, equipment, systems, and on the other hand can be indispensable in making appropriate decisions in crisis situations. The user has the impression that plays a fun video game, but essentially he learns effective and gains important experience.

Augmented Reality application solutions are enabling our customers to superimpose realistic environment with 3D interactive content using digital devices such as smart phones, AR glasses and the like.

10 102

IT – Serbian company is specialized in business and IT consulting, as well as education and training on financial and tax related topics. Also, have proven to be world class software engineers, especially in JAVA, ANDROID and IOS. Also, software development company with a team of certified developers. They will design, develop, implement and maintain high quality software solutions.

11 101

METAL PRODUCER – WELDERS – Serbian company for production of machine tools, welded steel constructions, provision of machine treatment services, design and production of machine equipment, as well as spare parts for hydro and thermal power plants.Already cooperate with several Scandinavian companies

11 102

The program of manufacture maintains from the wide special programs of the tool, accessories and equipment parts, tehnological processing of material with edges, volumes and form and control procedure resulting as follow:

– For industry of process, industry of a feed and agriculture industry
– Designing, production and special mounting tools, control tools and production processing execution
– Designing, production and installing optoelectronic control sensor on a basis optoelectronic laser

13 101

BAGS – Serbian company with the experience in manufacturing bags dating back to 1956. Since the beginning of our long business career we have produced an enormous number of types and amounts of bags lik: ECOLOGICAL BAGS, SPORTS BAGS, BRIEFCASES, LAPTOP CASES, WEAPONS CASES, COSMETIC BAGS, WALLETS…and many other products from our domain, as well as those which we have not been producing so far. Already cooperatre with Norwegian company.

13 102

The trade mark of the brand is an outstanding design and quality man’s shirt made of carefully selected finest Italian fabrics for a modern man. All shirts are created in tune with desirable Europian trends, respecting the balance between trendy and classic style which finds positive response from men all over the world. Folowing the development of the company, we supplemented our offer with men’s ties, shoes, pants and accesories like belts and bags. Since 2011 the company also has been producing shirts and accesories for businesswomen. The essential requirement for all use of only high quality natural materials and accessories with a special attention to combining details which makes every collection unique and unrepeatable.
The production is based in Europe, and the company has many distributors in Europe, Russia and New Zealand.

17 101

Wind farm (Serbia) project capacity of 80 MW,with a building permit, seeks for partners.

17 102

Small hydro power plant 700 kW (Serbia), with a building permit, for sale.