Successful performance of the Norwegian Energi Teknikk at the fair-symposium 360° in Oslo (21-23 March)

Brødrene Dahl is hosting the Symposium for the fourth time
. Ever since 2011 the symposium has been setting the agenda
on key issues concerning the environment, maintenance and climate.This year’s theme is our green future – a future that we all
have a shared responsibility for. What does the future hold for our industry, what challenges do we face, and how can we help
reduce the harmful effects and consequences of climate change?
As a key player in the industry, Brødrene Dahl must take its share of the responsibility for critical infrastructure in the areas of
water and environmental technology (WET), hydropower, transport and aquaculture
. We are facing huge challenges in terms of
developing infrastructure capable of handling the consequences of climate change. We already have the solutions, but we must
now muster up the will to invest in them. We will be taking a 360-degree look at how we can work together to ensure that critical
infrastructure keeps society running smoothly and safely.
Brødrene Dahl is also celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017. We will of course mark the event during the conference, including
with a grand celebration in the evening of 22 March.

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